We’re looking for families in North Central Calgary to join our group of Play Scientists who will help us study how play effects our lives! Recruitment Ends OCTOBER 2019!

  • Get first access to new and exciting events at Vivo, testing and tinkering with experiments and having a firsthand role in prototyping new experiences.

  • Help make North Central Calgary the healthiest place to live: supporting research and that will directly impact your community.

  • Receive a baseline of you and your family’s overall health, playfulness, wellness.

Participation in this project is valued at over $1250/year for each family! Each participant will receive:

  • A Garmin Activity Tracker,

  • A Personal Play & Health Report

  • Family Digital Health dashboard,

  • 4 seasonal events @ Vivo (including facility access),

  • A Flex Day pass to visit Vivo again.

  • Monthly Play Experiments & Tools